Freya Coursey

A large sized thank you to @freyaphotos for exhibiting this week. Her work can still be seen in our newly opened second gallery space or “the landscape gallery” as all the cool kids are calling it.
Freya has some of the best photos of the wee birds going, so it’s a great pleasure to be exhibiting her work.
Freyas photos feel less like wildlife photography and more like candid portraits; this could be due in part to her approach of taking walks in order to make photographs rather than making use of photography hides. It means that nearly all her subjects are aware of her presence, and so the photo becomes more of a two way interaction as opposed to a one sided reconnaissance-like approach. Less “taking” photographs and more “making” photographs. Personally, we feel that her photos capture a great deal of personality as well as vulnerability present in all creatures (great & small). Perhaps these photographs could help reawaken an empathy with the natural world that is missing within a large part of contemporary societal tendencies.

Alongside taking stunning photographs of wildlife, Freya is also busy studying for a Master’s in Ecology. Her main area of research concerns the recent decline in the population of Tawny Owls in the UK. She’s exploring how different environmental variables (types of forest, urban proximity etc.) effect the wee owls’ breeding success and is currently analysing a dataset from nestboxes spanning 8 years. Hopefully, from this she’ll be able to find out ways of preventing further declines in the Tawny Owl population.
You can see Freya’s photo of terns squabbling at Wooosh for the next week or two (or rather until we showcase another landscape work) or on her Instagram @freyaphotos

Much love,

The Wooosh Team


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